A clue to the crash?

I ran across this animated .gif file on The Fuselage. It claims to be still screenshots from the Pilot episode showing the scene just after the crash where the engine explodes. It seems to show a black object swooping in from the background, reaching the negative apex of it’s dive above the engine then pulling away as the jet explodes.

I dont have a copy of the Pilot nearby on DVD or on iTunes, can someone check this on a release copy and see if theres anything there?

Do you guys think it could be important in a Lost kind of way?

~ by skipjenkins on April 18, 2007.

6 Responses to “A clue to the crash?”

  1. It’s strange, not really sure what it was or why it appeared to blow up the engine when it was already going to blow up after sucking the guy in. I’ve checked the DVD and yes it’s really in there, nothing added to the gif, the gif is as true as the original.

    A screenshot just as the black thing hits.

    I think it might have been some kind of CGI ‘trigger’ for when to ‘blow up’ the engine that they forgot to remove in the final edit. 😉

  2. I wonder if it’s part of the production mechanicals? Though I would assume the explosion was pretty much all CGI.

    I thought TPTB had made a comment about how the viewers were missing something important in the Pilot. Maybe this is it.

    Good to have you reading the blog btw! 🙂

  3. Now that I look again, doest it kinda look like the smoke monster?

  4. I thought that, but it seems too ‘straight’ to be the smoke.

  5. Yo creo que sólo es un trozo de avión que iba cayendo y con la explosión de la turbina saltó lejos, antes de esa escena se ven cosas volar de un lugar a otro a cada rato

  6. Quoting Alvaro –
    “I believe that only it is an airplane piece that was falling and with the explosion of the turbine it jumped far, before that scene see things to fly from a place to another one in each short while”

    I think you and Aceman are both right, it does seem to be more “machinery” the smoke.

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