Genocide and Massacre

This is me expressing some things that probably doesnt need to be said but I’m going to anyways just to get it out there. If you would rather just read my blog for fun video game shit and boobs, just skip over this one for me, I wont hold it against you and I promise the very next post will be all light and happy.

Under the link are words and images that will bring your day down. Think for a minute about this before you click.

Ok, we’ve all heard and read all about the shootings at Virginia Polytechnic Institute. It is indeed a senseless tragedy and I honestly feel very deeply for the parents and friends and family of the victims. I am a father, I can imagine how devastated I would feel were my daughter ripped from me.

So far so good right? No one wants to crucify me yet?


Here it comes…



There were 32 adults killed earlier this week. There are hundreds of places in the world where the senseless murder of hundreds (if not thousands) of men and women, children and infants occur every day. It seems to me that the ceaseless exploitive “for profit” American media coverage of the VPI shootings is incredibly ethno-centric and it makes less of the lives of all those that die silently in genocide and manifestations of hate happening around the world daily.



I just wish the 32 (or is it 33) students had never died before their time, I wish millions of innocent families around the world had never died before their time, I wish there were no pictures that I could use drive the point home with this article.





I wish there was no article to write. I’m going to hug my wife and child.

~ by skipjenkins on April 17, 2007.

One Response to “Genocide and Massacre”

  1. Those are exactly my thoughts on the whole matter. It is an unfortunate state of affairs that the lives of Americans, as opposed to those of humans in any other country, particularily lesser developed countries, are held in such higher regard.
    It will be a better world when people aren’t so patriotic that they feel more sympathy for another person simply because they are an American.

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