Evangeline Lilly looking cute as all hell

Edit: Since a lot of people seem to be finding this post, I figure I would also throw up the link to a more recent in-depth probing of Miss Lilly.


Found this, thought it was adorable. I have no idea what it’s for or where it comes from , but I thought I would share.

Edit: I found another picture just after I wrote this post, thought it was good enough to edit for. It’s Ms. Lilly’s butt 🙂


~ by skipjenkins on April 13, 2007.

6 Responses to “Evangeline Lilly looking cute as all hell”

  1. […] it to you on a silver platter. Well, for some reason, you guys really really wanted pictures of Evangeline Lilly in the last couple days, which is odd since Lost is on hiatus. My feelings on that whole fiasco […]

  2. thanxxxx
    lost gooooooooooood

  3. nice butt Evangeline Lili is a Godess

  4. very nice

  5. I enjoyed the pictures. Lovely little booty!

  6. “Lost in Love (19:50:31) :
    I enjoyed the pictures. Lovely little booty!”

    you “enjoyed” the pictures?

    filthy man!:-)

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