State of the Losties

For a long time I’ve been meaning to write my State of the Lost post. I’m putting the entirety of the summary under the cut, since there are many that arent caught up to current episodes and I would hate to shoot a reader in the foot with a spoiler.

Just to warn you, this is a long one…
I’m just going to ramble about recent episodes and in no particular order, so hold on tight and I hope you dont get lost. Sorry, that was a terrible pun I know.

Nikki and Paolo – I was one of those people that totally hated Paolo and Nikki at first, but I loved their flashback episode and think it actally gave us some really good information about what’s going on on the island(s). The Powers That Be (the producers, herefore TPTB) have said that P&N are going to be very important to the third season.

Think about it like this, the first season was all about the crash, the second season was all about the hatch and the third season was all about the big purple flash. Between what we learned in Desmond’s flashback and what we’ve seen on this last episode, I think what happened was that the flash was a temporal bump around the island, the main effect of which (at least the most obvious we have seen) is the newspaper Paolo was reading just before they took off. It was dated Thursday, September 24th 2004.

In case you didnt know, in the timeline as it has been presented previously to the big purple flash, Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 departed from Sydney, Australia on Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004 at 14:55, from gate 23, flying to Los Angeles, California, USA where it would arrive at 10:42.The really wierd thing is that September 24th 2004 was a Friday, not a Thursday.

Before you say it, no… the international dateline could’nt compensate for the time differential. So how is Paolo reading a newspaper printed a day after they supposedly crashed?


He and Nikki, along with the Losties that are on the island proper (as opposed to Jack, Kate and Sawyer who are on the Alcatraz island) are somehow in a different iteration of time that is one day removed. An iteration in which the soccer game Desmond was watching was a day off, the takeoff of Flight 815 was delayed by one day, and an iteration in which Nikki and Paolo were one the plane. Everyone that was at the Losties camp has no problem interacting with N&P, but for some reason, Kate and Sawyer can’t remember who the hell they are. I’m not saying I know exactly what’s going on, but I think something strange is afoot.

Lastly, this season we learned Nikki is smoking hot in a bikini.

Locke – Before I get into the whole my-dad-tried-to-kill-me thing, I just want to say I think that Locke never blew up the sub. Remember how when he came walking back down the pier after supposedly blowing up the sub he was drenched? It’s because he went down into the sub, took it a couple hundred yards out then swam back in and, for effect, blew up the end of the pier. We may be back to the tricky 1st season Locke after all…

That aside, his dad pushed him out the fucking window. Jesus Christ. This is just something that shows for far ahead of the the current timeline in the show the producers have to be thinking. They showed us in the very first season exactly how Locke lost his legs, but at the time we had no idea what we saw.

Remember when Hurley was sitting in his Lawyer’s office in the big glass building talking about how the money was cursed and all of the sudden a man falls past the window screaming?

Yea, just think about that for a minute.

Also, while we are on the Locke tip, I agree with those that say Anthony Cooper is the original “Sawyer” and I think that him being tied up is just more manipulation and doesnt imply that he has been “captured” by the Others.

One last thing, Locke. Dont. Touch. Computers. Period. Not even if the computer says it’s your turn.
Charlie – Yes, I understand Charlie is constantly in mortal danger and he’s relying on Desmond and his quantum leap do-goodery to keep him safe. I do however think this would be a good time for Desmond to get stinking drunk and not worry about it. I can do without Charlie. Really, I can.

Just make it look cool when he dies ok? Maybe something along the lines of Arzt’s explosion. 🙂


Sayid – Just for the record, I dont think he acually tortured that woman, I think he just recognized the need she had for closure and gave it to her. I think to him she represents the wrongs that he didn’t do.

Also, the cat in the jungle outside ol’ one-eye’s place is not the same cat as hers.

– I go through periods of liking Kate, then I cant stand her. She was engaged to Cap’n Mal, so I liked her. Then she left him and I was irritated. Thats kinda how she’s been in the whole third season so I guess I’m going to reserve judgement until the next episode, which is one of her flashbacks entitled Left Behind. I’m hoping it’s going to reveal what happened to Kate while she was with Benry that left all the bruises the first day. Just because I’m curious.

She does however contribute to the sub-theme of season 3 “all of the lost chicks look hot as brunettes”.

Sawyer – This has been a roller coaster season for Sawyer as well. There were the ups (freaky hot cage sex with Kate) and the downs (getting shocked, beaten, suckerpunched, being told there’s an explosive pacemaker in his chest cavity and just generally being abused).

He’s had some great lines this season, but then he loses that damn ping pong game and has to go without nicknames for a couple weeks, which in island time is like 4 and a half years out here in the real world.

Unfortunately, I have the feeling that Sawyer is setting the rest of the Losties up for a long con. I dont know why or have any evidence, but I just kinda get a feeling. I could totally be wrong however. I just cant see this whole “Sawyer orchestrating Sun’s kidnapping” thing not coming back and biting him in the ass. One slap from Sun isnt payback, it’s foreplay.

Jack – I have no idea what to make of Jack this season. At the end of last season it seemed like he was just going to be the whiny bitch of the show, but then he starts slicing people’s internal organs and making demands like a gangster, so I dont know where he is going to end up. I’m kinda hoping he’s able to pull off whatever plan he has. I want to like Jack, I really do.

I could care less about the whole Skate/Jate issue unless it relates to Kate getting topless on the show. Nothing will boost ratings like Kate going topless. I swear. Unless maybe it’s Kate and Juliet mudwrestling. Are you listening TPTB?

Hurley – Hurley’s flashback “Tricia Tanaka is Dead” was probably my favorite episode of this season. We had Cheech Marin, Vincent running around with a human arm in his mouth, a VW 21-window Dharma Edition, Hurley and Sawyer drinking beer with Roger Workman and the destruction of Mr. Clucks and rather messy death of Ms. Tanaka by a meteorite. It was almost like the good old days of season one, where we had episodes just for the fun of it.

Unfortunately, TPTB have a habit of making us really like a character and then doing a reveal that totally throws that like and trust down the toilet, and since they havent flipped him yet, I fear the reveal might be quite bad. 😦

Jin/Sun – As I said earlier, I’m not sure how long Sun can go without letting Jin know that Sawyer arranged to have Charlie kidnap her, especially since Jin seems to be picking up english at a phenomenal rate. If Jin’s beatdown on Sun’s teacher/boytoy is any indicator, Charlie could be looking at getting punched in the face yet again on the island. It’s a wonder that kid has any teeth left the way he pisses people off.

Michael/Walt– I’m thinking they are gone. As in off the island. From what we know about the transitive and elusive nature of the island, I dont think that Michael would be able to find his way back to the island again. But then again, you would think they would show at least a scene to indicate he was found and taken back home. Plus, how the hell would TPTB explain Walt’sage difference? Remember, the Losties have supposedly only been on the island for 84 days.


Claire – She certainly follows Season 3’s sub-theme of brunette hotness. Although knowing for sure that she is related to Jack does take a couple of points off her hotness tally. I dont think it was really a suprise to anyone that is really paying attention, but it was still nice to get the confirmation from TPTB.

DanielleThere are those that think that Danielle is hiding something or works with Dharma or something, but I just cant get in that camp. I think she’s just a woman who was slight crazy to begin with who has been stuck on an island for 16-odd years, had to kill her fiance (husband?) and her friends and has had to go all Lord of the Flies. She had her daughter taken (by her ex-husband and his tribe of mercenary scientists?) and has had to live off boar and island fruits. I think we can expect her to be just a little nuts.

As an interesting side-note, did you know that Mira Furlan, the actress who plays Rousseau doesnt own a tv and has never seen an episode of Lost?

Rose/Bernard – Who? I’m sorry, it’s just been so damn long since they were in an episode that you have to wonder if theyre on the show anymore. Maybe Paolo and Nikki were sitting in their seats in the alternate timeline.

Juliet – Juliet is getting more appealing by the episode. She killed Pickett, punched Jack out when he was being a whiny little bitch, got Edmund Burke hit by a bus a la Final Destination and ran the island book club. She was also branded by Ben following her part in the killing of Pickett, but I’m still not 100% sure that is a negative thing. It is possible that we will find out later that all of the Others have the brand, and it was a mark of entry.

Benry – I’m not sure if Benry has been acting out of desperation or calculated strategy, but I’m pretty sure he’s on my top 5 favorite characters on Lost list. He’s been beaten and tortured by Sayid, shot by Rousseau, had his spine operated on in an OR cutoff from society and told Locke to go blow up his only means of transportation to the outside world. And that was all part of the plan.

Still, I cant help thinking that every time we think we know who is really in charge, we find out there’s one more layer on that onion.

Billy Dee – Yea, we had Billy Dee Motherfucking Williams. Lost rules.

If you made it this far, leave a comment and let me know what you think.

If youre wondering why I put the Watchmen tag on this post, read that, watch this and you will understand. 🙂

~ by skipjenkins on April 1, 2007.

2 Responses to “State of the Losties”

  1. i found this while looking for pictures from lost

    It was a very good read actually and reminded me of things that i have forgotten so ty!

    i bloody love sawyer
    im sad charlie has gone 😦

  2. Hey, glad you found the blog! I had forgotten about this post, it’s woefully outdated now. Maybe I should do a part II.

    Re: Charlie, I was ready for him to die when I wrote this, but now that it has happened I wish it didn’t.

    But this being Lost, maybe he’s still alive.

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