The great thing about new education

I was browsing through a vein of stories about teachers that have sex with their students and I cant help but realize that most of these teachers are way hotter than most of the girls I was having sex with in high school. These are just a couple teachers that have been indicted for having intimate relations with male (and sometimes female) students. How many of these women would you have slept with when you were in high school, really?

Carrie McCandless – Out on $20,000 bail after having a sexual encounter with a male student on a field trip. The kicker? Her husband is the principal at the school she teaches at.

Cameo Patch – This 29 year old substitute was arrested for performing oral sex on a 17 year old student at Utah’s Toole High School. Not too bad, except for what could questionably be a herpes legion.

Tamara Hoover – My personal favorite. This high school art teacher posted some erotic photos of herself on her flickr page, only to have them found by her student in April 2006 who told another teacher about them (narc). To be fair, this one didnt actually have sex with a student, but she let them see her naked to an extent. She’s got the hip funky hair, she’s an art teacher, and she has perky breasts. Didnt the administration know this was coming? In case you wanted to see the photos in question, theyre beneath the cut. And I know you do.

~ by skipjenkins on March 18, 2007.

2 Responses to “The great thing about new education”

  1. Thank You

  2. Dude… herpes… bad teacher, bad bad teacher

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