Pole Dancing for Toddlers!


At first I assumed this had to be a joke. No one would seriously market a stripper pole dance set for children. I thought maybe DailyMail.com was kinda like The Onion, and this was tongue in cheek satire. I mean, they used funny symbols like £ in their article, who would have thought it was real?
Real it is. Apparently, the UK retailer Tesco had listed the Peekaboo Pole Dance kit, along with other risque playthings such as Peekaboo Poker (earn chips to make other players lose clothing for “naughty fun”) on the toys and games category of their main ecommerce site alongside Elmo and Trivial Pursuit.

As expected, a mother with the world’s best interests at heart threatened the retailer into removing it from the Toys section of their site, but it did however retain placement on the website under the category Health & Fitness.

Since I’m not the kind of guy that only points out the problem without a solution, here is what I suppose we do. All the hot, undersexed women (over the age of consent) in the world should whip out their… credit cards (you thought I was gonna say something else didnt you) and buy out the remaining stock.

These women have the right idea…

These women were on the right path, but went wrong somewhere…

~ by skipjenkins on February 27, 2007.

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