Fallin off the wagon


I’ve been on hiatus from WoW for the last couple 2 or 3 weeks. Between working full time (and the commute that goes with it), a 3 month old baby, SecondLife, this blog, reading The Watchmen and still making time to make sweet dirty love to the wifey, I simply didnt have any time or desire to kill murlocs. When I sat down at my computer, I just felt like building or blogging or even just looking at porn. As my friends talked about how cool their new helms were or how big the mushrooms in Zangermarsh were or how they slaughtered horde after horde last night, my pulse remained steady. I knew that I was spending my time more wisely and effectively than they were. Their conquests were meaningless.

Or so I told myself…

I began thinking about how all that gold was just sitting in my accounts, and how fun it is to melt faces with fireballs and how damn close I was to 30 with my alt.
So here I am, slogging through the Wetlands, blasting everything in sight, and I gotta tell ya, it feels damn good. If you’re in Azeroth, look me up (Yt on the Duskwood server) and we will kill shit together.

-Skip aka Cayce aka Yt aka Groetus aka Skipjenkins aka Brastrap aka Fallopian (yeah, I cant believe that one worked either, lol)

~ by skipjenkins on February 27, 2007.

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