Fuck Gamestop

I went to my local Gamestop last week to pickup a copy of Sid Meier’s Pirates for PSP and the asshats just reaffirmed my deeply held position that the GameStop corporate policy is just a hair shy of putting poster up in the stores that say “Give us your money, then go fuck yourself“.

It was 6.45 on a wednesday, I had just gotten off work and I was trying to avoid a rush-hour traffic packed trip to Fry’s, so I decided against my better judgement to call around to a couple of local GameStops. After a fruitless first trip to Gamestop #2357 (how hard is to to actually getting your fat ass up and check to see if you have something in stock, rather than just further compressing the over-stressed cushion on your stool and telling me “Sure! We’ve got plenty of copies!”), I left empty handed.

Undaunted, I trekked onward.

After braving more traffic than I would have had to suffer had I gone to Fry’s in the first place and calling ahead to confirm they did indeed have “plenty of copies” (notice me still giving the benefit of the doubt?), I decide to try Gamestop #2362. I walk in, and lo and behold, there are no Pirates to be found on the shelves! Patiently, I wait for about fifteen minutes while some 30 year old fuckstain tries to talk the GameStop counter monkey into giving him more than 2 dollars and 75 cents for his copy of Madden ’98 (doesnt the douchesack know the computer sets the prices?!? the counter monkey cant be trusted to make sure important decisions!).

So I make it up to the counter and I get my first bit of good news. Not only do they have a copy, but the guy tells me someone has already traded in a used copy so I can save myself ten bucks off the regular $29.95. Happy happy joy joy! So I pay my $19.95 (“No thanks, I dont want to join Club GameStop”), and after he throws the game in a case, and the case and receipt in a bag, I’m out.

Fast-forward to me, almost home, sitting at a stoplight. I pull the box and receipt out of the bag and notice that not only was I charged full price for a new copy, but the opened, used box I was gived had a “new” sticker on it! Mother Whores!!! To make a long story short, after a profanity laced conversation with the lead GameStop cockboy, I returned the game to GameStop and paid more for a new copy of the UMD just on GP.

In closing, GameStop can burn in hell for all I give a shit, and I dont seem to be the only one…


I shouldnt need to keep going, but I will…


~ by skipjenkins on February 17, 2007.

2 Responses to “Fuck Gamestop”

  1. I killed some time at a GameStop in Louisville while K was shopping and one of the guys there tried to convince a kid to buy the gamecube version of Twilight Princess instead of the Wii version. He also refused to show them a guide book that was up high until the kid promised he’d buy it. Idiot!

  2. Those guys deserve to be dragged around a parking lot littered with needles and smoldering cigarette butts.

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