I could spend eternity on Craigslist.com

I’ve been pretty much locked to a stationary position the last couple days (the handcuff key got lost, dont ask…), and I didnt feel like grinding or building, so I decided to explore the underbelly of craigslist. From hookers to half-full bags of grated cheese, it seems as if you can get almost anything at just that site.

So in the interests of sharing my travels with you all, here is a list of links in absolutely no order what-so-ever after the cut.

This guy want to trade $1,000 in booze for a diamond ring.

Letter from the victim to the thief.

Some even have pictures.

This one is for you Alfakennyone.

I saw a movie on Skinamax that started this way.

I’m glad I’m too broke at shop at high-end stores if this is what the service is like.

I dont know why she would want to stray from a Mr.Right like this.

2 Extra small cock rings for sale (Used).

$800 to date (but not sleep with) my son.

Ya gotta feel for the guy.

I’m normally anti-making fun of fat people, but this includes math so its ok...

I’ve never wished I lived in NYC more in my life.

Kassad? Did you post this for Lucenzo?

It’s like guerilla warfare, only less painful.

C’mon… Used panties?

Really gotta feel for this guy. Screw that other guy.

Theres nothing like innocent love.

Fucking radiator gnomes.

I want to believe this is true, kinda like the letters to Penthouse.

This one is for the ladies.

Kinda like seinfeld.

An open letter to Danica Patrick.

A witty resume posting.

Um…. Anal Bleaching.

And my personal favorite.

Just because it’s so odd and I want desperately to believe she met some guy and they run an art gallery on the coast together.

Anyone know a way to contact a Craglist poster if the post is old? I need an update…

~ by skipjenkins on February 7, 2007.

3 Responses to “I could spend eternity on Craigslist.com”

  1. I’ve never really explored the old Craig’s List before. Pretty entertaining stuff. I found this guy in my area that will let you drive his car to California as long as you also supply the gas! Ridiculous…


  2. CL is tha metaphorical shit. There used to be hookers on there. Cyber-prostitutes rule…

  3. It also contains a great deal of porn which my roommate discovered while using his Wii to websurf

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