Got really bad ADD?

So do I.

I’m the type to carry my iPod, PSP and a USB hard drive with me on trips because I need some sort of external stimulation at all times. Shit, while I write this I have half a dozen people in my living room waiting for Lost to start, and I’m in the adjoining nook blogging with headphones on. If I could afford it, I would get some La Forge glasses that let me see whats going on and watch Firefly episodes so I could have media streamed into my brain on-demand.

Sometimes however, this isnt really the ideal solution. At work for instance, I need something to keep my subconscious brain occupied so my conscious self can get some work done. Not to mention that I need to be able to see so I dont cut my hand off with a chopsaw.


Wouldnt it be cool if there was some sort of a website where I could stream just the audio of movies I’ve seen a bunch of times, just as background white noise in a web-enabled player? And wouldnt it be cool if it was free? And cross-platform, so I could use it on my mac?

Booyakasha! Go check out Listen to a Movie: For the Cubicle Workers of the World

~ by skipjenkins on February 7, 2007.

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