Hektor and the Scriptographer

Its amazing what you can get out of a Google image search sometimes. I was looking for something really juicy for the Consolerotica category since I was coming off a really “cool-in-a-Fonzie-kinda-way” story about planetarium software, so I did a Google image search for the keywords “sexy geek”. Somehow I end up with a story about a Swiss design student and engineer who built an automated tagging machine.

Uli Franke (an artist and developer) and Jürg Lehni (an electrical engineer) met up to collaborate on Lehni’s diploma project at écal (école cantonale d’art de Lausanne) in 2002. Consisting of two motors, a belting system, a control module and a can holder for standard aerosol rattlecans, when assembled Hektor forms a vector format extremely large format low resolution printer.

The software responsible for Hektor is based on a freely distributed Adobe Illustrator plugin developed by Lehni called Scriptographer which allows developers and graphic designers to enable JavaScript functionality within Illustrator.

More photos and some videos of Hektor’s work, including collaborative efforts, can be found at the main site for the Hektor project.

~ by skipjenkins on January 28, 2007.

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