Today, with certain glee, I came across missvideogame.com, an international beauty contest with a twist. You guessed it, all the aspiring models in this contest are self-professed “gamer gurlz”.

The stated goals of the contest are to “assist in the proliferation of females in gaming genres of all types and to help raise awareness of the female gaming audience among game publishers and advertisers. To make the gaming industry take women gamers seriously and to treat them with respect as equals.”

Unfortunately, my excitement was somewhat dashed once I realized that these girls were not gamers at all, but rather model wannabes hoping to exploit the male gamer libido. I mean Christ, one of the girls was quoted as saying “I’m the best at RPGs. I challenge all my friends and none of them can beat me.”

Best at RPGs? Huh?

I guess what irks me the most is that this contest could be something truly otaku-arousing. Just picture it. Some girl in her bra and panties, hunched over a laptop, with the WASD hand cramp in full force and caffeine induced pupil dialation from a 72 hour level 1 to level 53 WoW grind with Battlestar Gallactica in the background. I’m not talking about the RP’er girl who has 15 level 1 alts so they can “explore the character”. I’m talking about the girl who knows every player and weapon spawn point in every map for every Battlefield2 mod known to man.

Now thats hawt.

~ by skipjenkins on January 27, 2007.

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